Loio — a shortcut to perfect legal documents.

Advanced styling, comparison, and AI-analysis for legal contracts in one add-in.

Crafting Loio

Loio aspires to transform the routine tiresome digital paperwork for lawyers to free them for the complex tasks that only the human mind can complete.

The idea of creating Loio takes root alongside P1K’s upbringing of other projects. The team noticed that as the company continued to grow, our lawyers were swamped by a contract blast that needed careful review and editing. That was a tiresome experience for the legal department, so we decided to help out.

Private practice lawyers

Get through paperwork faster and make fewer errors with styling or numbering.

In-house lawyers

Level up your legal department’s paperwork with AI-analysis to help the business grow.

Law firms

Process legal agreements faster and with greater accuracy to keep more clients satisfied.

An AI-powered response to help lawyers take back control over their work.

We did the research — legal professionals from all over the world were leading an uphill battle with the workload, especially working long hours to proofread and edit documents.

Since then, Loio has been taking its current shape: a smart blend of power and simplicity in MS Word add-in format, covering document styling, numbering, tracking contract versions, and up-to-date AI-analysis.

Loio already saves our lawyers’ time — now the world gets to know this legal hero!