We are bigger than just a product company. We are a value-driven community.

Read about what is beyond the products in Phase One Karma.

01 mission
to create a meaningful impact through developing stateoftheart software products
to improve the quality of people's lives by freeing them from unnecessary manual tasks.
03 values

P1K is a human-centered and product-passionate company. Just like we care about the people benefiting from our products, we care about the people we are working with.

We strive for excellence. Each person working at P1K is a master of their trade. We believe our success lies in empowering each team member and unleashing their potential.

Our work ethics could be described as passionate professionalism. That means we believe in what we do and want our projects to succeed.

Empathy guides the way we communicate and collaborate at P1K. We treat each person with dignity and respect, and we oppose any forms of discrimination. Our community includes people of various backgrounds and interests, and we welcome them all. Beyond developing inspiring products, we simply enjoy hanging around together.

P1K's internal world is built around an idea that work should be fun, meaningful, and to the point.

We often get asked about how this all is related to karma. The reference to the concept of karma in our name reflects our deepest belief that AI technology should amplify good deeds. The first phase of every project should be to check whether the idea actually has a meaning and carries something valuable and good to the world.

P1K brings this attitude to create cutting-edge innovations that optimize modern-day processes for businesses and people around the world.