Our projects

P1K's AI-driven solutions grow on the ever-evolving technologies of Machine Learning, natural language processing, and natural language understanding.

Aspiring for the best

We believe the success of P1K's projects depends on a motivated team and the R&D approach to solving emerging digital issues. Our Research and Development department does its best to explore the products' demand and potential technological capacities. Then, together, we wrap them up with an innovative approach.

Our AI-powered products grow on the evolving technologies

In 2014, we created Unicheck, a unique AI-powered anti-plagiarism checker, to endorse academic integrity worldwide. 2017 was also a great year — P1K introduced and integrated EMMA, an authorship verification assistant built around NLP.

Two years later, we took full speed on creating even more meaningful products, starting with Loio. Loio is an add-in to help transform the daily tiresome work for lawyers all over the world. Yes, global again! The add-in's features include document styling, numbering, tracking contract versions, and up-to-date AI-analysis. Loio is driven by NLP and NLU, carefully devised to free the lawyers’ time from editing and proofreading contracts.

P1K does not stop here — stay tuned for our new projects!