The founders of ambitions

P1K forms a family-like community of technical engineers, managers, and creatives. Our goal is to produce smart AI-driven innovations to optimize daily routine for businesses and people globally.

Every business has a leading guru. Now, we are lucky, because we have five! We present our board members — people who stand behind P1K’s progress.

Artem Fenkovskyi


I'm one of those who first joined the team and so far have no regrets. I'm so much proud of our achievements, and I know it's only the beginning. Being careful and super responsible, I deal with process building in the company. It seems like I'm doing well. To achieve the best results I follow two simple rules – I always have a B plan and do everything beforehand. I like riding a bicycle, playing tennis and boxing.

Bogdan Pol

Chairman of the Board

The true spirit and soul of the company. The first co-founder without whom Phase One Karma would never exist. The person who always knows which way the wind blows. It's all about him. His core life ideas are changing the community around and ensuring a better education for entrepreneurs to provide them with more opportunities to succeed.

Yehor Melnykov


Yehor is the mastermind of the latest technology. Нe possesses strong technical skills in creating projects of any complexity. Over the years Yehor worked on creating plagiarism checker product, which is currently used in many countries in Europe and America. Finding the best, most profitable solution for the company is the main challenge for him. His well-designed project strategies provide a clear understanding and vision of the company's goals. Unresolved problem is not a problem, but the next challenge for him and his team.

Dmitriy Demyanenko


As anyone who is dealing with high-level financial issues, Dmitriy is an overly serious person with extreme attention to details and high level of responsibility. However, after closing all spreadsheets and turning off his laptop, he magically turns into a lively person whose hilarious jokes entertain everyone around.

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Solving modern digital issues

We believe P1K’s fortune rests on gathering information to use it to solve modern digital issues. That’s why we have a big Research and Development team to examine and produce new, exciting, and sometimes scary ideas. The R&D explores the technological capacities of AI technology, Machine Learning, and spices them up with NLP and NLU. Then, together, we choose the best approach to start working on the new product.

P1K's team stays in sync during the work process. Our successful projects are born as a result of united action by technicians, developers, and creative co-workers.